Botanical Ingredients to Revitalize
Your Body and De-Stress Your Mind

“NÜVIVE” means “New Life”, and the Botanical Ingredients in Xenesta’s NÜVIVE® BODY for Men and Women help promote a healthy response to everyday stress, overwork and fatigue.†

The Botanical Ingredients in NÜVIVE® BODY for MEN help promote healthy testosterone levels.*† For Women, the Botanical Ingredients in the NÜVIVE® BODY formula help to enhance overall body composition when used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.† For both Men and Women, the Botanical Ingredients in NÜVIVE® BODY help to promote mental clarity, concentration and alertness.†


If you feel you’re living a stressful lifestyle, you’ve struggled to reach your fitness goals, or you’ve lost energy over the years, then take the XEN-FIT 30-Day Life Transformation Challenge! Combine NÜVIVE® BODY with the XEN-FIT Diet and Exercise Program for 30 days to feel fantastic, build healthy energy and create your own personal Life-Transformation!

*Promotes healthy testosterone levels within the normal range†

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